Sundew Drosera Capensis

Sundew Drosera Capensis

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Drosera Capensis traps its prey from the sticky dew it produces on the tentacles.

The shape, size, color, and mobility of the leaves vary across varieties yet each is densely covered with small tentacle-like hairs with singular drops of dew at their tips.

The multitude of dew drops make the sundew a breathtaking beauty and a sticky death trap for insects. With the bug immobilized, glands on the leaf secrete digestive enzymes and break down the insect’s soft tissues into absorbable nutrients.

A unique addition to your carnivorous plant collection, the Drosera Capensis are native to Cape Town So. Africa and often referred to as Cape Sundew.

The plants in the pictures are representative of the ones that you will receive, they are in 3 inch pots and will be shipped potted.


Scientific Name: Drosera Capensis

Descriptor: Sundew Drosera Capensis

Care Instructions:

Drosera Capensis or Cape Sundew is easy to grow and will do fine in a terrarium or a sunny windowsill as it likes bright sunny conditions, or outdoors when possible where it will lure tiny insects. It traps its prey from the sticky dew it produces on the tentacles.

Watering is best done by the tray method simply put about a half inch of water in a container and place the plant in the water so it absorbs from the bottom, keeping the soil moist all the time, using distilled rain or reverse osmosis water only.

Growing and care instructions will be provided with your purchase.

Shipping Information:

Plants will be shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday to allow enough time for the U.S.P.S. to deliver your plants within 3 days. We reserve the right to suspend shipping due to inclement weather or cold temperatures that may damage or kill your plants.

You will receive tracking info. once your plants have left our facility and on their way to you.

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  1. Kayla (verified owner)

    Received the plants today. My sundews arrived fast and in perfect condition. Well packed. I’m very very happy.

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