Nepenthes Lady Luck 6” Basket

Nepenthes Lady Luck 6” Basket


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Nepenthes Lady Luck is an easy to grow, tropical pitcher plant native to Malaysia. It produces multiple pitchers that are typically a blood red and long lasting even in low light conditions. The Lady Luck is a vigorous grower, with a wide temperature tolerance and will produce many basal offshoots. They do very well in hanging baskets where the pitchers are able to cascade down and show off their real beauty and unique character.

Carnivorous plants attract insects by emitting a sweet odor that bugs can’t resist, once drawn to the pitcher they fall inside and there’s no escape. The plants natural enzymes will begin to break down the insect and will then be drawn up into the plant as food. This is all the fertilizer they will need to survive and stay healthy. All our plants have been grown from tissue culture and are virus free.

Nepenthes pitcher plants are a beautiful addition to your carnivorous plant collection.

The plants in the pictures are representative of the ones that you will receive.

Out of stock


Scientific Name: Nepenthes Lady Luck

Descriptor: N. Lady Luck 6″ Basket

Care Instructions:

Keep the soil damp at all times but not sopping wet. Add distilled or rain water from the top only when the moss starts to dry, do not allow it to sit in water. They prefer bright light and do best outdoors in a screen room or covered area, misting daily if possible and they love the rain. If your Nepenthes is not producing pitchers it probably needs either more light or more moisture.

Growing and care instructions will be provided with your purchase.

Shipping Information:

Plants will be shipped on Mondays and Tuesday mornings to allow enough time for the U.S.P.S. to deliver your plants within 3 days. We reserve the right to suspend shipping due to inclement weather or cold temperatures that may damage or kill your plants.

You will receive tracking info. once your plants have left our facility and on their way to you. All plants will be shipped already potted. Pitchers may get damaged from shipping but your plant will survive just fine. If there are any issues please contact us at


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