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Nepenthes Ventricosa 6″ Basket

One of the most popular Nepenthes and maybe one of the easiest to grow, especially for beginners.Grown from tissue culture, the Nepenthes Ventricosa produces red hourglass shaped pitchers and red scalloped peristomes.

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Nepenthes Ventricosa 6″ BasketNepenthes Ventricosa 6″ Basket
Nepenthes Ventricosa 6″ Basket
“I’ve had an awesome experience with Carnivore Plants, they’ve stayed healthy and look great!”

Mindi D. – Florida

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After enjoying plants for over 40 years, I discovered these exotic carnivorous plants and found them to be absolutely amazing!

With so many brilliant colors and varieties I’m sure you will fall in love with Nepenthes and Fly Traps as I have.

We strive to give you gorgeous and healthy plants so they can thrive and flourish for you to enjoy.

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